Janeen Walker – Vocalist


Janeen Walker has been singing since the age of 9 in her church choir. Growing up, Janeen sang at various school functions and weddings. She landed a job at Busch gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia as a performer in the Italian Show where she met her husband, Kelly, while singing to him in the audience. Janeen also met and performed with good friend, Gary Houk, piano player for Impromptu. From the 1990’s to the early 2000’s, Janeen performed in many shows in Lancaster and New Hampshire, and has done numerous commercials and TV work in the region.

Janeen has also taught children of various ages the art of performing onstage. From 2010 to 2013, she was the lead female vocalist for the Big G/George Whittam Orchestra.  After many years distant from each other and living lives of their own, Janeen and Gary reconnected in early 2000’s, performing in bands and for various events as a duo. Recently, they began turning the wheels to create what is now becoming a duo, trio, and quintet of talented musicians-for-hire who like to entertain. Janeen has a B.A. in Theatre from Temple University. She is the Music Ministry Director at Our Lady of Consolation Church in Parkesburg, PA where she leads an exceptionally talented group of musicians in praise and worship. In addition to her husband, she shares an enjoyment of Marvel with her son that she just loves to pieces. Janeen also enjoys painting “shabby-chic” furniture and camping with her family.