Nick Priessnitz – Electric / Upright Bass


Beginning on guitar at age 10, Nick was initially attracted to the rock pop and other sounds of the radio-friendly bands of the early 90s.  However, it wasn’t until years later when passing by an old record shelf that he stumbled upon a Pat Metheny album, Letter From Home; his musical perspective shifted forever.  From that point on he began to study guitar with a number of different jazz musicians and work semi-professionally in clubs in Manhattan and North East New Jersey.

The decision to switch to bass came at an unexpected time.  While still a college student, Nick attended a lecture/performance of bassist Avishai Cohen.  He was performing/promoting some tunes from his Continuum album.  Cohen’s words and bass kickstarted the interest.  Nick began to explore and listen to jazz and even rock and pop music with a particular focus on their rhythm sections.  Shortly thereafter, Nick bought a bass and began playing in groups until eventually meeting up with the Joe Miralles Trio, which is also how Nick came to join up with Impromptu.

Nick is musically influenced by such bassists as Pino Palladino, Ray Brown, James Jamerson, Carol Kaye, John Deacon, Chuck Rainey and John Patitucci.

Nick lives in Stewartsville, NJ and studies with local pro bassist Arturo Bageur.