Rob Williams –  Upright/Electric Bass


Bassist Rob Williams grew up on the mainline in Paoli Pa. He attended Conestoga High School and later attended Cheyney University. Rob experiments with many styles of music and it is highly possible that you could see him play a Jazz gig on Saturday afternoon, a classic Rock gig on Saturday Night and in Church on Sunday morning playing contemporary gospel. Rob plays both electric and acoustic bass and He has studied with some of the area’s most influential bassists, including Doug Mapp, Mike Boone, Ed Wise, and Chris Angelino.

Robs love for the bass began at a young age when the band that he was in needed a bassist. Rob considered himself a guitarist at the time but fell short of what the other members could do, So he purchased a bass from a neighbor for $40.00.

Rob began listening to the way that bassists were slowly coming out of the background to become lead instruments and he found that very appealing.

He began to listen to players like Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke as well as Charles Mingus and Ron Carter and a myriad of others. Through the ’80s and ’90s Rob worked with many local artists of all genres.

He started a family in the early ’90s and has 3 children in the Navy. Rob currently resides in Delran NJ and can be heard and seen in many establishments in the TriState area